Webix 1.4: Advanced Data Selection and Real-time Server Communication

Greet new Webix 1.4 that will delight you by new data selection controls, real-time server communication and other fixes and improvements.

New Data Selection Controls

With Webix 1.4, you can enhance the functionality of your HTML select controls.

Data-suggest allows you to use rich media as select options. You can use images or any other complex html content as select options and in the select itself.


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Grid-suggest shows you a data table instead of plain select options. You can use all the features of the data table in your selection, that will let you create editable, sortable, filterable and many more “-able ” option lists.


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Data Loading and Saving Enhancements


With a new version 1.4, all Webix components can use WebSocket protocol for data loading and data saving. You may use it for creating real-time collaboration apps, chats, data observing and stock trading systems.

WebSocket is a modern web protocol, based on constant connection between client and server. It allows the server to inform the client side code when the data is changed by some user, or some other server side action occurs.


Webix 1.4 can use indexedDB for data loading and data saving. Thanks to this new feature your apps can work offline, keeping all the information you entered.

Check the details in our what’s new list.

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