Webix 7.2 and New FileManager Announcement

In the next few days, our team is going to release the JavaScript Webix 7.2 library.

The most important update in this version will be a new complex FileManager widget.

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We have completely revised this product. There is totally new experience for you:

  • new design;
  • new features and opportunities;
  • new architecture;
  • files preview;
  • editing text files;
  • huge customization opportunities.

Important information for the users of the Webix File Manager.

If you would like to continue using the old version of the FileManager v7.1.x, do not update the widget to 7.2.x version.

The previous version of the FileManager will be supported in 7.1.x. All the users of the previous version will continue having technical support.

This major update anticipates the release of the new complex Webix Document Manager widget, which will be available in the near future.

Webix in the Press