Webix Autumn Follow-Up 2021

Autumn 2021 has handed its power over to winter. Let’s recall what this autumn was noted for.

interview with Johan Smith

Webix 9.0 was released. The most important changes and updates include: 

  1. Pivot was renewed. Now it has Webix Jet base and three display modes. 
  2. Diagram was updated. New features allow rotating blocks and changing links, which is great fun.
  3. Other updates include Gantt, which now allows separating the schedule among employees with flexible working hours. Spreadsheet was also updated. 

Webix 9.1 was the next to appear with some handy changes. They were the following: 

  1. Users of the Chat widget can now share files with drag-n-drop. 
  2. Spreadsheet can now boast 65 new maths functions. 

One more big update happened to the forum. It was presented in black mode; new filtering opportunities added to the general convenience, and the possibility to give likes and smiles to forum specialists made it very user-friendly. 

Webix in the Press 

We had interesting talks with Malte Sussdorff regarding his translation management tool and Alexey Degtev and his enterprise management system. 

Thank you for following our news!

We keep developing for you to trust our product and get the best out of it.

Sincerely, the Webix team