Webix in Practice: low-code platform

We are happy to talk to one more Webix customer from hot and sunny Brazil. Marcilio Cortes (LinkedIn profile) is an experienced developer who is currently working on his proper project. He has kindly agreed to share his experience with us. Let’s find out what his view on Webix is.

interview with Johan Smith

Hello Marcilio! Tell us a bit about your project, please. 

I’m the founder. I have worked for more than 20 years. I founded a software company in Brazil and sold it in 2010. Since 2015 I have started developing a new project, that’s why I chose Webix. I’m the only employee. It’s a low-code platform. I chose Webix and have worked with it since then.

Why do you need Webix? Where do you use it?

Webix is my UI framework. I use it to provide the views for the products. I made some adapters to use Webix with my platform. My platform is Node.JS-based. It’s a server-side structure. On the client side, I have some handles and structures that allow me to use Webix for UI.

Why did you decide to use a JavaScript UI library like Webix in your project?

Because I looked for a cool language for my product. Everybody knows about JS today. It’s a strong language. For me, it is easy to adopt JS and Node. NodeJS is perfect for the server-based platform.

What does it help you to achieve?

It accelerates my product. I don’t need to develop my own UI elements. It would be more expensive. I use my energy in other parts of the code. I like Webix, it’s very responsive, reliable, and well-documented.

interview with Johan Smith

Which criteria were the most important for you when you were choosing a library?

Documentation, the overall offer of elements. Your site is very simple to use. During the first four years, I had to send just one email to support. All other doubts I solved due to your site.

How did you learn about Webix?

I was searching for some companies offering this kind of product. Webix was not so well-known at that period, but I liked the documentation.

Where do you usually look for information to help you in your work? 

Google and Youtube. I watch Youtube videos for JS, Webix, RPC.

What do you love about Webix most of all? What are the most important features for you?

The elements. By next year probably I will contact you for another kind of license. I’m launching my product now. 

Have you faced any challenges using Webix? Were there any obstacles?

When you use zero as id, Webix has a problem. You can’t use a zero number as an id. That’s the major problem I face. The Chart documentation is very poor. Learning about chart capability was very hard. I recommend improving it.

Thank you Marcilio for this feedback. We wish you a successful launch!

If you are ready to tell us about your product, how Webix assisted you in it, and what the challenges were, please do not hesitate to contact us.