Webix Summer Follow-Up 2022

It was a productive and energetic summer for the Webix team. Let’s recall what we have been busy with.

webix summer follow up

Webix 9.4 was released. The most important changes and updates include:

  • 3D Donut chart. Now both pies and donuts are available in 3D. In addition, these types of charts support series. To compare the dynamics of several objects, you can display information about them on a single chart.
  • Contrast Labels. We used contrasting colors to highlight the pie labels. As a result, every label will now be visible against any background.
  • Gage format. From now on, you can format Gage values with the format property, if you need to round a value or add additional characters.
  • Diagram updates include curved links for better visualization and labels for links.
  • Choosing a sheet to print has become easier. We have added the ability to SpreadSheet to print not only the current sheet, but any other from the dropdown list as well.

Ever wondered how to track the location of staff and synchronize their work schedules when the team works remote? You can create a Location Viewer App with Webix UI. Read our detailed guide and try it for yourself, using the Webix components and third-party solutions.

We had a wonderful chat with Bonard Tito Saragih, who works at a web application development company. His team is using Webix on an internal projects and is very pleased with our widgets, especially Kanban board, SpreadSheet and Query.

This summer Webix celebrated its 9th anniversary! Thanks for all good wishes and wonderful feedback from our customers. It allows Webix to meet the boldest expectations and new challenges. We have ambitious plans and bright ideas for the future, so let’s wish Webix good luck.

We have big news and updates ready for you this fall. Stay tuned!

Sincerely, the Webix team