It’s time to choose your Webixhero!

Whoop whoop, finally Batman vs Superman is on the screen. But what we really expect is the new Iron Man against Captain America ( you can guess from the picture who we are cheering for) 🙂

Webix extentions


This spring several films about superheroes will appear on the screen. Being inspired by this fact, we have decided to conduct a brief overview of our own heroes – Webix extensions, including a new widget – Spreadsheet which has recently joined the team.


Haven’t heard about THIS cool widget yet? We can tell you about it! Webix SpreadSheet is a JavaScript and HTML5 widget that can be used for building easy-to-use and feature-rich spreadsheets. The widget is similar to Excel or spreadsheet in Google docs. Being fully client-side it can load data either from plain JSON or database or even Excel document.

Webix Spreadsheet


Spreadsheet allows you not only to format text values within cells but also define custom dimensions for cells, merge them into spans, copypaste the cells as well as calculate their values using Excel mathematical functions. One of the key features is the undо/redо functionality. This SpreadSheet widget is written by using JavaScript and CSS, which allows you to integrate it in your web app with ease.

You can find more information in our Spreadsheet documentation or look through our samples.


Webix Pivot was one of the first widgets, that appeared with the help of Webix. It is a perfect JavaScript widget for creating interactive table reports that can be embedded into your web pages or applications. It allows automatic organizing, summarizing and comparing complex data from database files. With Webix Pivot, your data will be arranged like a tree. Child groups can be expanded and collapsed to show summarized or more detailed reports. It provides you with plenty of options for component customizing and lots of APIs for data loading.

Webix Pivot


Pivot enables you to load report data from external sources, a local drive, or other reports. Withal, the report data can be exported as a PDF file, Excel, CSV page. It quickly displays complex data from SQL databases or static CSV files into easy-to-use visual reports — tables.

If you want to learn how to build your own Pivot, start with Pivot tutorial.


Kanban Board is a useful tool for visualizing your day-to-day workflow. Using this widget, you will enable the smooth flow of work and not overload the team members. Webix Kanban allows you to create a board with a complex structure. You can add subtasks or split big processes into substages to illustrate your compound workflow.

Webix Kanban


Being created with JavaScript and CSS, the Kanban widget fits perfectly for integration with your web app. You can add any number of task cards and columns, thanks to the flexible Webix Layout, which is a main part of Webix Kanban.

Read this tutorial to learn and  Download JS Kanban.


Webix Mobile Scheduler is a lightweight JavaScript/HTML5 calendar that allows creating and managing events. Webix Scheduler displays events in three basic views: Day, Week and Month. You can create both single- and multi-day events that will be nicely displayed on your mobile screen.

Webix Scheduler


Its interactive UI is optimized for various types of mobile devices (iPad, iPhone and Android etc). In addition, scheduler looks great even on small screens and processes all touch events flawlessly.

Still thinking? Download JS Scheduler and read the following tutorial.

File manager

And the last but not the least, powerful File manager widget. It is a customized JavaScript widget that will assist you in managing all hierarchical data, e.g. folders and files. Its look and feel is similar to desktop file explorers, that’s why you won’t spend lots of time to adapt to this widget’s behavior. Besides, Webix File Manager is highly configurable.

File manager


One more useful function of this web file manager is the support of drag-and-drop functionality that allows moving files and folders inside of the Tree as well as between the Tree and Files views.

To start working with Webix File Manager, download the widget.

As you can see, it’s going to be pretty difficult to choose. But who is your Webix hero? Share your opinion in comments, let’s see who wins 😉