JavaScript Webix Pivot in Your Web Application

Everyday millions of employees have to analyze complex data, create reports. Pivot table is a perfect web solution for those professionals who work with huge amounts of data.
Webix fast pivot

Pivot is a JavaScript data summarization and analysis tool that can be embedded into your HTML page or existing app. It can automatically count, sort, total or give the average of the data taken from flat tables or spreadsheets.

Pivot appearance is defined fully with CSS that allows you to customize its view to the style suitable for the existing applications.This tool can load the report data from local drive or from external sources and allows exporting data as PDF file, Excel, CSV pages.

You don’t need to write lines of code to change the summary’s structure. The pivot data organization can be transformed by dragging and dropping fields graphically.

webix pivot table

May be, while reading the above mentioned information you were thinking that you’d already met the pivots with similar features. Now we will tell you what differs Webix Pivot from other competitors.

Firstly, Webix Pivot can easily render up to millions of records with its usual high loading speed.
Secondly, pivot table is fully client-side that prevents you from excessive requests to the server.
In third place, it runs perfectly on mobile devices, like iOS, Android devices, supporting all touch events.

Still thinking if Webix Pivot corresponds to your requests, download it for free and use in practice.

Here is the tutorial that will help you in learning this Webix tool.