Webix Kanban Board – Perfect Widget to Improve Your Workflow

We are glad to present you a new Webix widget Kanban Board. This is a tool that allows tracking the work flow and change it on the go according to the requirements. Thus, you will develop all your products Just-in-time.

Moreover, Kanban displays the work processes in a transparent way. It allows team members to know what they should be working on, track the workload level of each participant and, as a result, be aware of the real state of project development.

With Webix Kanban, you’ll get the entire idea of your business process and will be able to achieve amazing operational results in terms of quality and performance.

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If you would like to get Webix Kanban Board, please go here.

Why should you use Webix Kanban?

Webix Kanban has a great number of features that will allow you to build your personal kanban board. It can also be easily embedded into your web app or page as it is based on JavaScript and HTML5 standards.

This Webix widget can be extended with various HTML elements. Moreover, you can customize this free Kanban Board by adding color highlighting and member avatars for tasks, embedding the filtering function and other features that you need.

If your workflow includes plenty of tasks and subtasks, you can easily add extra columns and rows to your board. Thus, you will be able to split complex stages into simpler ones. Such flexibility is possible due to Kanban Board is built on javascript layout.

webix kanban board

In addition, you can either expand or collapse Kanban panels depending on the part of workflow that you need to analyze at the moment.

Webix library allows loading and saving different formats of data with ease. It can be done by means of the following techniques: REST, local storage, custom scripts, and more. Since Kanban Board is based on Webix you can use the same features for working with data.

To learn detailed info about this widget, read Kanban docs.

If you would like to get Webix Kanban Board, please go here.