Webix UI Library New Release: Spreadsheet with Stories

While we are working hard on the nearest Webix release, we can already present a powerful update of the complex JavaScript Spreadsheet widget. To march in step with the cutting-edge trends in application development we have added…
Webix UI library excel stories
…the possibility of creating Spreadsheet stories! Now, you can share your life experience within the widget without having to switch to Facebook or Instagram in the middle of the working day.

If you still cannot believe your eyes, check out the demo and try adding your own Spreadsheet story!

Omg I Love Excel Stories

Live Demo >>

Sure, you can’t be fooled in such a childish manner — you have recognized the trickish faces of Webix team members. But we hope that you are having fun on this April day playing pranks upon your friends or colleagues 🙂 So do we!

Although in reality Webix will postpone this breaking change till better times, you can implement it yourself right now. Spreadsheet public API allows adding a subbar between the Toolbar and the Datatable, and you can place any Webix widget into this subbar.

For Spreadsheet “stories” we used a styled Webix List widget in a horizontal mode:

   view:"spreadsheet", toolbar:"full",
      view:"list", layout:"x",
         height:75, width:70,
         template:"<img src='.imgs/#id#.jpg'/>";
      data:[ ... ]

While you are exercising your creativity, don’t forget to check the latest Spreadsheet version that was launched more than a month ago and can boast advanced math processing.

Spreadsheet widget is available under the Commercial licence and can be included into Webix Packs. Also, you can download the trial Webix UI library and play with the Spreadsheet during the 30-day trial period.

So stay tuned for Webix updates! The closest one is scheduled for the end of April, and from now on we solemnly promise to announce only the real releases. At least till the next April 1st 😉