Top 5 Webix blog articles from January to March 2015

Material Design in Webix UI

This year a hard-working Webix team has released a new Material skin which was developed under the impression of Google Material Design. Your web apps built with the use of a new skin will look cleaner and clearer, which will allow your end users to concentrate on the main functionality of an application. Moreover, due to the responsive behaviour of Webix material skin your final app will operate perfectly and look good on a wide range of devices.

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How to Create Kanban Board with Webix

This step-by-step guide to building a powerful kanban board with Webix Kanban widget. You’ll learn how to enrich kanban tasks with tags, images, avatars and how to customize the styling of the board.

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Checkboxes in DataTables. Little-known techniques

To extend DataTable possibilities you may customize its checkboxes either by increasing their size, or by adding icons to them, or by coloring selected rows, naming only the smallest part of all the techniques.

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Webix UI 2015 Roadmap

Webix Roadmap tells about the plans that Webix team is going to implement in the near future to ensure its users that the library is being constantly improved. It is presented by means of an easy-to-use Trello desk with numerous planned features which you can vote for.

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New Webix Widget File Manager

Webix File Manager that was released at the beginning of 2015 allows structuring your web data. This JavaScript widget allows managing hierarchical data. Besides, it is easily customizable and supports drag-and-drop functionality.

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