Top 5 Webix blog articles from January to May 2016: Part 1

Since the beginning of 2015 many useful articles have been published. In the meantime, a lot of new customers joined Webix. So, why not to refresh our memory (for those, who forgot) and to share (for those, who are new) 5 most interesting articles of the first half of this year.

Webix top-5

Navigate your way. Sidebar and Sidemenu

If you’re wondering how you can simplify navigation in your application, this article is definitely for you! Two extensions – Sidebar and Sidemenu will make your life easier during application navigation. While having similar appearance, they differ in their behavior. Sidebar menu is a Tree-based widget intended for creating collapsible menu bars out of complex hierarchical data. Sidemenu is Window-based, can be attached to any side of the screen and is able to contain any view inside it.



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The Webix way of positioning: how to put everything in its right place

Want to know how to arrange components and set their sizes? Check this out. In our article we will tell you everything about positioning of elements in Layout, discuss the usage of rows and columns in Form and Toolbar and show the role of spacer in aligning components inside a layout.



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Release Webix 3.2: SpreadSheet, Rangechart and New Widgets Features

The 1st release of 2016 – Webix 3.2 brought lots of new cool features, widgets and updates. One of the most important of them is Webix JavaScript SpreadSheet  – a fully client-side widget that allows you to edit data in Excel-like manner. Rangechart was also added in Webix version 3.2. Now you are able to turn any chart with a horizontal scale into Rangechart and make it interactive. The release also introduced such features as Area selection for Datatable and Treetable,  Export to PDF and Undo functionality that helps to revert data changes within all data components.


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Dynamic Loading. Fetching Unlimited Number of Records from Server Side

This well-done article about server-client communication optimization was written by our great front-end web developer. It describes a solution for loading huge datasets from the server side fully based on Webix public API. And of course any of you can easily build it.

Webix dynamic loading


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 It’s time to choose your Webixhero!

For all newbies here, a short description of our 5 most powerful extensions: Kanban, File Manager, SpreadSheet, Scheduler and Pivot. Kanban – a useful tool, which is definitely perfect for kanban board creation and everyday workflow visualization. You can adjust the look and feel of Kanban items to your needs by applying various templates. Check our Kanban templates demo. File Manager – a good cross-browser assistant in managing hierarchical data, easily configurable, with drag-and-drop support. 

Webix extensions


SpreadSheet – a new JavaScript and HTML5 Webix widget, which will help you to build excellent and feature-rich spreadsheets. If you want to know more about javascript spreadsheet features – check our docs. Mobile Scheduler – a powerful widget with rich functionality for handy management of events. This scheduler calendar will look nice in mobile web applications. Last but not least, Webix Pivot – a nice widget for creating interactive table reports. Right now you can download Pivot and look through documentation.

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