Webix Mobile Scheduler – JavaScript Event Calendar for Mobile Devices

It is hard to imagine a modern life without planning both business and personal events. We can use desktop calendars, datebooks, web apps for such purposes. But the most convenient calendar is the one that is always at hand – a mobile calendar. JavaScript Scheduler is a JavaScript and HTML5 event calendar adapted for mobile devices.

This web calendar allows creating easily editable single- and multi-day events. To edit an event, you simply need to click on it and make the necessary changes in the “Edit” form. To change the start and end dates you should click on the corresponding form field and then select the date in the calendar.

Webix Scheduler has 3 basic views: Day, Week and Month. It is possible to navigate between them by clicking on calendar tabs.

Webix Mobile Scheduler- basic views

Update of October 8, 2020

With the release of Webix 8.0 the original JavaScript Scheduler component has become available. Now Webix users can enjoy the native Webix Scheduler. This component is created according to the canons of the Webix framework and it is intended for the integration into any business applications regardless of their architecture and system platform. 

You can download the free version of Scheduler by following this link. You can find more detailed information on the Scheduler home page, on the JS Scheduler documentation page or in the Scheduler source code sample catalog. 

The look of this JavaScript calendar is fully defined with CSS, which makes it easy to customize its elements and control their appearance. You can also use ready templates to change the display of dates and titles in the scheduler.

With Webix Mobile Scheduler, you may create recurring events that will be repeated every time period, which you define in the event editor.

Recurring events in Webix Mobile Scheduler

One more great feature is that this JavaScript event planner can be effortlessly localized to your language and regional date formats.

In addition, Webix Mobile Scheduler supports plenty of options for loading and saving data. They are REST, local storage, connector and other methods.

To see live demos of Webix Scheduler, follow this link.

To start working with this event calendar, download its free version.

This docs articles will help you in learning Webix Scheduler.