Webix Summer Follow-Up 2021

In Belarus, summer is never enough. This year it was surprisingly hot and full of sunshine. But we have come to the end of it, and it’s time to look back to see what we have achieved so far.

interview with Johan Smith

  1. Webix Samples Gallery was introduced. It is a convenient tool with all Webix widgets gathered in one place. It contains information about the samples, allows editing, search, skin selection.
  2. Webix 8.4 was released. Diagram Editor appeared with a new version of the library. It is a tool that makes the process of creating diagrams even more fascinating. It allows moving blocks, changing borders and links, and viewing immediate results of all the changes.
  3. Webix Chat widget received a possibility to perform video calls.
  4. Some minor updates of this summer include improved performance of the Gantt widget and a widened range of conditions in the cells of the Spreadsheet widget.
  5. We published a couple of nice and informative interviews on our blog and received useful feedback about some of our complex widgets.
  6. Among pleasant news of the summer, Webix was awarded for its best performance by two famous software review platforms.

Summer 2021 was productive, and we are looking forward to warm and creative autumn! We’ll keep you informed!

Best regards,

Webix team

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