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Happy Holidays!

Pre-Christmas Hi to everyone!

Many of you have already prepared a new recipe for cooking a turkey and cranberry sauce and decorated the Christmas tree. We hope that this year was as productive for you as it was for us. In the New Year we wish you to smile all the time and always stay positive. We are looking forward to further fruitful cooperation with you. And as we all know, the best is always ahead.

Webix Discount


During the holidays, from the 24th of December till the 8th of January, we offer you 30% discount on the purchase of Webix Developer Pack. So besides buying gifts for friends and relatives, you will have a wonderful chance to treat yourself with a pleasant Christmas gift 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Magic holidays to everyone.


Recurring Events Helper for Webix Sсheduler

Hi everybody!

While working on our main toolkit, we don’t forget about the standalone widgets.

Most recently, we have released a tool that simplifies server side integration of Webix Scheduler. It allows extracting information about normal and recurring events, providing collections of event objects for any specific period of time. It is a very useful feature, when you are working with recurring events.



You can install the tool through NPM. Just run the next command line:

npm install scheduler-helper

Release Webix 3.1

Let’s say “Good bye” to the rainy weather and “Good day” to our new release of Webix 3.1! Less than 2 month passed since our last big update of Webix 3.0, and we are already ready to present the new one.



Our library is updated with new widgets – SideMenu and TreeMap. We also created a new component – Sidebar, which is not included in the package, but you can download it right now.

What we have in the programme today:

  1. TreeMap;
  2. Sidebar;
  3. Sidemenu;
  4. AutoWidth for Menus and Buttons.

Complex Content in DataTable

JavaScript Table is the most popular widget of Webix UI framework. It is fast, flexible and can be used in many different scenarios. By default, it shows only a text content in its cells. Nevertheless, you can use cell templating to show a more complex content in the cells of DataTable. Icons, buttons, and even other widgets can be used as cell templates.

Let’s look how it can be done.

Checkbox and Radio buttons

The most common use-case is the adding of a checkbox into a cell of a DataTable. It is so common, that we have added a ready-to-use shortcut. Just write the cell template as follows:


and you will get a fully-functional checkbox input.


Coming soon: Webix update 3.1

Hey everybody! Little by little, rainy autumn comes to its end and we want to announce our new release of Webix update 3.1, which will take place on 24th of November.



Not so long ago we were telling about our plans on new features and updates in the Path to Webix 4.0. All the features, that were missed in the Webix version 3.0, have not been discarded and will be included in our next updates.

So, what can you expect from Webix 3.1?

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