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Farewell to the Old Year, Farewell to the Old Code: Looking Forward to 7.0

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? If this is about old code, it definitely should. Old stuff, however useful and cool it used to be, should be left to rest in peace when it becomes no longer relevant. The time has almost come. With the next large release of Webix 7.0, which will happen in the following September, we will remove outdated and seldom used API from the library. Do not worry, because these are really old-fashioned things. There are modern alternative solutions, and the old ones will still be available on GitHub. You will find the details below.

Webix 7.0 Deprecated API

Webix 6.0 and Icons: Painless Transition

It’s been about three weeks since our latest Webix release. We are very happy to have received so much feedback from our users. Among messages and comments there are questions concerning migration to Webix 6.0, and one of the popular issues is still the “Where have all the icons gone?” question. That is why I decided to deal with this issue individually and share the salvation guide.

Webix 6.0 and Icons: Painless Transition

Major Webix Release 6.0 with New Skin and Custom Packages

The long-awaited day has come: Webix 6.0 is here. And it hasn’t arrived quietly, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare for most dramatic changes. Webix now has a new default material skin. You can build your own Webix pack only with the widgets you need.

Read on to find out what awesome updates await you and how to integrate them.

Major Webix Release 6.0 with New Skin and Custom Packages

Dashboards: Tips for Young (and Aspiring) App-Builders

Reading time: 3 minutes

More tips and tricks from Webix await you today! If you want to know more about building good-looking interfaces, read on. You will learn more about creating dashboards, turning simple widgets into something more sophisticated and developing with Webix Jet.

I also have a demo for you, so grab the sources from https://github.com/webix-hub/student-dashboard-demo.

Dashboards: Tips for Young (and Aspiring) App-Builders

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