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How to –°reate Multi-line Inputs for Homogeneous User Data

Very often you have to design web apps that collect a lot of monotonous data from users, e.g., information about their previous employment, skills, working hours, preferences, etc. This is when you face the time-consuming necessity to write code for many repeated input fields and maintain value processing logic.

Surely, you can solve this issue by allowing users to write anything their heart desires in a textarea. But such an approach has nothing to do with a user-friendly interface. Besides, processing the collected information can become a real headache in this case.

A better solution is creating one dynamic control which you’ll be able to apply multiple times to your complicated forms. Sounds interesting? Read on to learn how to do it.

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Dashboards: Tips for Young (and Aspiring) App-Builders

Reading time: 3 minutes

More tips and tricks from Webix await you today! If you want to know more about building good-looking interfaces, read on. You will learn more about creating dashboards, turning simple widgets into something more sophisticated and developing with Webix Jet.

I also have a demo for you, so grab the sources from https://github.com/webix-hub/student-dashboard-demo.

Dashboards: Tips for Young (and Aspiring) App-Builders

Creating Apps with Live UI Editing using Webix AbsLayout

Reading time: 7 mins

If you want to create applications that let your users build interfaces themselves, read on and find out how you can achieve this with Webix. Building dynamic user interfaces can be partially achieved with Webix Dashboard. In some cases, like building forms, you can use Form Builder. This service uses AbsLayout as the area for UI building. I will show you how to equip AbsLayout with Drag-n-Drop and use it for rearranging, adding, and deleting UI components.

Creating Apps with Live UI Editing using Webix AbsLayout

Cascading Comboboxes in Webix

Reading time: 3 mins

If you want to create powerful yet simple forms for complex input, join me. I will show you how to create cascading comboboxes, where the list of options of one combobox depends on the selection in the previous one. This way users can input complex hierarchical data in a convenient way.

Cascading Comboboxes in Webix

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