Webix UI 4.4 Release Overview

The new release 4.4 of Webix JavaScript UI library is available for download. Let’s have a look at the changes and new functionality: Print API, Query Builder, Demos of Integration with PHP, Node.js and .NET.
JavaScript UI framework with Print API

Printing from Applications

The new release allows printing directly from applications. You can print any Webix UI widget, such as JavaScript List, Grid, or Chart. With the help of Print API you can set the way to call the print function, for example, on a button click or on pressing specially assigned hotkeys. Moreover, you can set printing options, for instance:

  • the print area
  • the paper size
  • the margins
  • page orientation and scale
  • headers, grid lines and empty rows printing

The variety of printing options depends on the type of a widget. The complex widget Spreadsheet features a built-in printing functionality:
JavaScript print
Live Demo >>

Advanced Filtering

Query Builder, the 89th Webix widget, is a constructor of complex rules for filtering. You can use it with any data components of the library. From now on, the DataTable widget allows using the Query Builder as a built-in filter.
Query Builder javascript

The new widget allows building complex filters by grouping several rules (or even groups of rules) based on the specified conditions (AND or OR). Each rule includes a criterion that the filtered values should meet. Query Builder widget is available only for Webix PRO.

Clear Integration with Backend Platforms

The new demos, that can be found on GitHub, are aimed at simplifying integration with:

  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • .NET

The demos show how to connect Webix UI with these backend platforms. We are planning to expand the list of demos on integration with backend platforms.

The Site Update

You must have noticed that the Webix site looks different. We are doing our best to keep up with the times and gradually adding new parts to the site. We have added a page with video tutorials, simplified the form on the Trial download page of Webix PRO with all complex widgets, upgraded the license page. From now on you can add the necessary number of licenses for complex widgets to your Team Pack.

Minor Changes

Disabled menu items

We added the special attribute for the Menu widget. This attribute allows disabling certain menu items during the initialization of the component.

Updated integration with Google Maps

Integration with Google Maps was improved and included into the library as a separate widget. Since version 4.4 we have removed the outdated integration from the components repository on GitHub and from CDN.

You can find the complete list of changes on the What’s new page.

Try the Trial version of Webix PRO with complex widgets Pivot, Kanban, Scheduler, Spreadsheet, File Manager and feel free to give your feedback. Clients with an active license can download the new release from the Client Area or via CDN.

Meanwhile we are working on release 5.0. It will include awesome updates and long-expected features 🙂