We’re saying goodbye 2021

We will hear jingle bells shortly, 2022 is at the threshold already. Let’s wrap up what Webix has achieved in 2021 and what we are proud of. 

    Let's wrap up what Webix has achieved in 2021 and what we are proud

  • Webix 8.2 was released. It brought a couple of significant updates to Webix GanttSpreadsheet, and File Manager
  • Webix 8.3 followed immediately in April. The most important innovation became a new Diagram widget. It allows the creation of diagrams of any complexity and thus contributes to the visual aspect of any project. The release also brought updates to some other complex Webix widgets. 
  • Webix Samples Gallery was opened for the convenience of our customers. All the widgets are now gathered in one place, which is very handy for exploring the possibilities of the library. 
  • Webix 8.4 was the next turn. With this release, the Diagram widget was updated with a new Diagram Editor tool. The Chat widget was supplemented with video calls. 
  • A very pleasant event of the year 2021 for Webix is the reward for our excellent performance.
  • The next updates were packed in Webix 9.0. A new version of the Pivot widget appeared, which now allows deep customization, various display modes, and enhanced grouping and filtering. 
  • Webix Forum was updated. Its brand new black mode has already gained satisfactory feedback. 
  • Finally, November 2021 has presented us with Webix 9.1. It added functionality to Chat and Spreadsheet. 
  • Besides the above-mentioned updates, 2021 has become the year of marketing research. We have gained much valuable information from our customers, which helped the Webix team to find new ideas for development and to improve the library. All the showcases can be found on our blog. 

We are full of plans and ideas for the upcoming 2022. So, follow our news to keep informed. 

Sincerely yours, 

Webix team