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New Strategy of Complex Widgets: Why Webix Jet

This year we have worked out a new concept of complex widgets and have already released the new ones: File Manager, Document Manager, Query, and User Manager. They were built from scratch as fully configurable Webix Jet app modules, which makes them flexible, powerful… and yet not very easy to master regarding the code. However once you grasp the concept, it opens great opportunities.

Life after File Manager 7.2: The benefits of Jet-based widgets

Let’s explore the technical features of the new widgets and learn of all the benefits of the Jet-based approach.

Webix 7.3: Document Manager, Query Widget and Embedded Charts in Spreadsheet

Amidst the hard times that we are facing now it is important to keep on doing what we do. Thus, today we are especially excited to announce the release of Webix 7.3 that includes two complex widgets: Document Manager and Query, as well as the ability to embed charts and filter dates in Spreadsheet.

Read more to learn the details of these updates.

Webix 7.3: Document Manager, Query Widget and Embedded Charts in Spreadsheet

Webix in Practice: ERP system for construction supervising and projects managing

We continue interviewing Webix users on how our products help them implement their ideas. 

Today we have a talk with Bernd Gewehr. He is the head of the IT department at  Vössing Engineering. As a leading engineering firm in consultancy, planning, project management and construction supervision, Vössing has been implementing infrastructure projects of every scale for 40 years. With over 600 employees at 20 locations in Germany and abroad, Vössing plans and designs national and international projects, from concept all the way through to implementation.  

We are impressed to know that such a giant is using our software and hence excited to learn their experience. 


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