Webix 8.0 Teaser: Exploring Would-be Features and Updates

Webix has recently shared with the world a bunch of new features and updates. If you haven’t checked them out yet – go forward! And now we are excited to look ahead and announce even more business solutions planned for the September release.

So let’s get acquainted with the future Webix and its widgets.

Widgets for time and tasks management

Planning matters whether it is personal or business. That’s why we decided to work out new time and task management solutions.

Fully-Featured Scheduler

The new Scheduler is going to replace the existing one and promises to have the following features:

  • UI for desktop and mobile devices
  • several display modes: day, week, month and agenda
  • ability to add and manage several calendars
  • ability to create single as well as recurring events

Gantt Chart

Webix Gantt will help users to enhance the workflow and optimize corporate time management.

Report Builder

The widget emerged thanks to the high customer interest in this tool. The Report Builder widget can help to visualize and analyze large amounts of data. With this tool you will be able to:

  • Build tabular reports based on the incoming data
  • Configure filtering, grouping and editing capability through the UI
  • Manage columns visibility
  • Export the resulting tables

Empowered Math in Spreadsheet

We aim to update multi-sheet math processing. Starting from Webix 8.0 Spreadsheet will fully support working with multi-sheet formulas.

Query instead of Query Builder


Query will completely replace its predecessor. The old widget has not been developed since the Query release, so in September we will completely remove it from the family of Webix complex widgets.

Even more in Webix Core

New features and improvements will also be added to the library Core:

  • Extra controls for precise color and time selection;
  • Horizontal mode for timeline
  • Usability update for tooltips
  • Material-based icons in all skins
  • Fixes of painful bugs, performance and usability updates

What’s next

So, this is our roadmap for the September release. Now we are already working hard to deliver all the above-mentioned solutions in Webix 8.0.

You can also influence the future of the Webix library by sharing your ideas in the comments below.

Dream big. Shine bright. Stay tuned.